K40 whisperer usb timeout

The exhaust should only do the work of transporting the smoke from the exit to the end of the hose, nothing else. The smoke assist helps moving the smoke from the cut area to the exit where the exhaust fan takes over.

With the smoke assist you can use less powerful exhaust fans, as the exhaust doesnt need to put the machine casing under negative pressure to clean out the smoke, the smoke assist helps with this. Later on i added more fans inside the machine on my laser head to keep the lens clear.

For bigger machines you need bigger fans, like mm computer fans. This laser head is custom made by me, not a original product. Here is the intake fans in my lid. You can mount them in the bottom or front piece, just add fans to help out with the input of air. I am considering putting 2 smaller computer fans, maybe mm in the front of my machine with holes cut for air intake, along with a cfm squirrel cage fan at the exit from my building, will this work well?

My thinking is if I seal the lid better and have a larger exhaust fan that having the two little ones sucking in fresh air to blow over work piece would move the smoke out fast with less escaping into my house. Yes, anything that helps the exhaust will do better than no fans at all. Pushing air in will increase the pressure a bit so the exhaust has less negative pressure to make to pull the air out.

The best ratio is somewhere about If you already have the squirrel fan, use it. If you going to buy one check out the inline fans instead, and keep it at the end of the hose, not back of the laser. Thanks I already have the fan, it was off a Pellet stove that failed, so its free.

I was going to mount it right at my window exhausting outside through a dryer vent type setup. Never used to exhaust so much before but all of a sudden it seems to look like the side of house is on fire when we have the machine cutting. Having to cut at night as to not be so noticeable to neighbors. Similar to breathing in cold air, or boiling water. The bigger temperature difference — the more it will be visible. And the humidity plays a big role too i beleive.

Our temps are actually increasing as we are in southern hemisphere. Think this would still be same issue. Correct, this is the newer design of the K40, often named K40D but its beefier both on the steppers and controller boards so no problem with the movements.

Less than 1A power and 0. If you have upgraded the controller you can use bigger motors. The original board will burn sooner or later with 1,5 or 2A steppers. I agree with your assessment. Without the air-assist, my lenses would require constant cleaning and wood would often catch fire. However, I was on a search because my newly purchased 25mm focal distance lens does work with this assist the geometry of that system cannot bring the work piece close enough without interfering the x-axis.

Hi HP, great info.

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So how and where do you connect the pc fans to? I saw a schematic somewhere that the power supply only has a 5v and a 24v out? I read a lot about people adding all sorts of stuff like laser pointers, fans, lights etc.Hi everyone while i start to run a file, an A4 size picture while i try and get things set up, Lightburn disconnects from the laser and returns the head to home position, Also in order to get a file to run i have to move the origin cursor to the edge of project for it to run in the correct area, i have LB set to bottom left but unless i move origin to bottom of project it starts at top left and runs off board area, Running C3D Board standard firmware Video links attached Origin link here Disconnection and align issue here More align issue here.

The connection issues are not uncommon - You likely have either a brownout power draw causing a dropped USB connection or a ground noise issue.

k40 whisperer usb timeout

We have a few common causes listed here: How to troubleshoot connection issues with USB. Ok got the disconnect sorted out, traced it back to the usb lead. Cheers guys. Try 5. With a CO2 laser, grayscale is much more likely to produce variable depth than variable shading. Putting the material a mm or two out of focus can help as well.

CO2 lasers tend to vaporize material, not char it, so grayscale is actually quite hard to use with them. Line 6 should be to This topic was automatically closed 30 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed.

Installing K40 Whisperer And Inkscape

Constant disconnection from laser LightBurn Software. LightBurn Oz February 18,pm 2. We have a few common causes listed here: How to troubleshoot connection issues with USB C3D should also be able to help on their forum. LightBurn Oz February 19,pm 5. LightBurn Oz February 19,pm 7.Cookies are tiny data files stored in your web browser when you visit a website.

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Check out our Privacy Policy. Keep an eye on your inbox for a monthly roundup which includes all of the top content on Electromaker. In the final part of this series we finally start cutting things with the K40 laser cutter! We will transfer our designs created in Inkscape to an application called K40 Whisperer from Scorchworks. This is incredibly handy for my Makerspace as we are using an old Lenovo X61 laptop running Linux Mint to run the laser cutter.

K40 Whisperer is designed to work with the stock control boards that come pre-installed, such as:. With installation complete, connect the K40 to your computer via the USB lead and then follow this checklist to ensure a safe power up. Once found remember where it is, mark it using masking tape! Open the Whisperer application, and then click on Initialize Laser Cutter.

This will instruct the K40 to ensure it is in the home position and it confirms there is a connection between devices. To open our file, created in Inkscape, we need to click on Open Design File and then locate the correct file. Once selected it will take a short while to open, as Whisperer is working out the design, and will try to render it correctly.

With the design open you will see all of the strokes, created in Inkscape and colour coded to instruct Whisperer as to how it should handle the job.

Black: A raster engrave, similar to how an inkjet printer sprays dots across a page, left to right, top to bottom. About mm per second, but can be increased to mm. Blue: A vector engrave, the laser unit traces the shapes drawn in the document to create fluid lines. About 20mm per second, best to keep it at this speed. Red: A vector cut, a slower sequence that relies on power and speed to ensure a clean cut.

About 10mm per second, best to keep it at this speed.Last week, Les Pounder published a blog article here where he showed the setup they use at the Blackpool MakerSpace. He described the use of K40 Whisperer by scorchworks and from the screenshots I could tell he was using it in Linux. That would be cool! My laser cutter occupies half of my workbench until I can work out where to move it to … My K40 laser cutter takes up about half the space on my LARGE workbench.

This is NOT sustainable. Why would you need alternative software to drive your laser cutter? Good question. I spent the first week learning how best to use the included Corel Laser software complete with USB security dongle and managed to create a workflow that let me do what I wanted to do. But the workflow using the Corel Laser package based on a, frankly, suspicious copy of Corel Draw with a dongle-protected laser engraving and cutting plugin is rather lengthy and complex — and it only works on Windows.

The software is a bit fussy. The way round this issue is to set up the final perimeter cut in a separate layer which gets done last. Enough ranting about Corel Laser! So I did.

Beginners Guide To The K40 Laser Engraver

I was also delighted to see that K40 Whisperer is written in Python. I went through the procedures in the instructions and amended them slightly because I got some error messages. Then over to the official instructions, with my additional comments in bold and italic.

Create a group for the users who are allowed to use the laser cutter: sudo groupadd lasercutter. For Raspberry Pi sudo apt-get install libxml2-dev libxslt-dev sudo apt-get install inkscape the dev packages are omitted from the instructions.

You will need to change the number to a newer version, e. Run K40whisperer: python2. I know many people frown on running things with sudo. I got this software up and running and was cutting Perspex within an hour. Your optimum power and speed settings will not be the same as mine.

They will depend on quality, age and condition of laser, lens, mirrors, setup and alignment of everything. So there is some experimentation required. In general I find it has improved my workflow considerably.

There is a lot less piddling about needed to get an engrave and a cut both done on the same workpiece. This saves time as well. It meets my needs better and saves me time. You can also use inkscape or even Illustrator — EUW! The point is, you have choices. If you need to tweak anything in the.

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It works at a perfectly usable speed. Both of these are cut using K40 Whisperer.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. K40 Whisperer reads SVG and DXF files,interprets the data and sends commands to the K40 controller to move the laser head and control the laser accordingly.

K40 Whisperer does not require a USB key dongle to function. This fork is to add packaging and minor fixes to work on macOS systems, creating a clickable application that can be installed on any macOS system. This eliminates having to run K40 Whisperer from a Terminal prompt. K40 Whisperer requires a few dependencies that are not installed as part of the application bundle.

You will need to install these yourself to have a functioning application. These dependencies are best installed with Homebrew in a Terminal window as follows. This only needs to be done once on your system. This will create a clickable macOS Application in the.

See the following sections for details based on your chosen Python version. If you are using one of the most excellent Homebrew versions of Python, you are not only a wonderful person, but life will be easy for you. This build process has been tested mostly on Python 3.

NOTE: When installing Python with pyenvyou should use the --enable-framework flag so that Python can get properly bundled with the application. Then running the build should work.

If not, well, there should be a lot of error messages to help you track things down. NOTE: I get the error below from py2app but the application bundle still seems to function properly.

k40 whisperer usb timeout

Please do let me know if you know how to solve this one. It seems I need to install Python in a deeper path on my system so the macho header can be rewritten properly. I haven't tried this yet. This is tracked as Issue 1. See above. Still seems to work. Less tested than the Python 3.

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A solution that has worked for my system is documented on Stack Overflow in py2app Operation Not Permitted and there is a detailed discusson on Apple's Developer Forums. I've was able to compile everything on a freshly installed macOS I haven't really tested this method extensively and have made code changes since it worked. Use at your own risk. Included is a vagrant build setup as well. It's not well tested but seems to mostly work. If nothing else it has the dependency information built into it.

The Save button on the General Settings has a similar problem.

k40 whisperer usb timeout

Around line I don't see the same problem with Python 2. A simple code fix from StackOverflow button text of tkinter not works in mojave is as follows.We came up with two designs for each side of the book.

The front cover burned fantastically. We were both totally happy with it. It would never recover and it ruined the book. What a bummer. The computer was still working fine, the water temps were fine, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Something caused the controller board in the laser engraver to stop responding. A lot of people say yhat replacing the USB cable fixes the problem for them. I agree with Scorch. Replacing the cheap stock USB cable for a better quality one is often an underrated upgrade.


In the meantime, might be time to start researching alternative controller boards and software. But happening on more expensive objects is a bit aggravating. Hmmm, timeout problems have also been traced to some electrical interference issues.

See this post for some links to some discussions on reddit. I also had at least one person say that improving the ground connection for the controller board fixed the problem. I would think that making sure the controller board ground ground plane or ground wires has low resistance to the ground wire on the plug that goes to the wall would be sufficient.

The protocol in K40 Whisperer is somewhat bugged. There are some packet gaps that could actually cause it to fail to respond, if it lost some important commands. So it gets hammered with hello packets far faster than it should ever need to be.

That might actually be able to Denial of Service the board.

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And added a time. Well after continuing to deal with this issue I bit the bullet and ordered a mini grbil and lightburn from Awesome. Now to learn an entirely new software package. I had this error yesterday and it mangled the raster it was working on. While it certainly connected the USB back, it obviously lost several packets, banged into the wall and messed the stuff up during that time.

While writing K40Nano and testing a lot of raster engraving, I never had this issue. I had long since fixed packet loss bugs. And I certainly must conclude that the difference I noted above had something to do with it. I read through the. Those have been fixed as of. Basically it could eat a packet if it became busy at an inopportune time, now though it always checks before trying to send a packet.

K40 whisper timeout bummer K40 Laser. K40 Whisperer. Speedster1 March 16,am 1. What causes this?

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Scorch Scorch March 16,am 2. Nedman Ned Hill March 16,am 3. Speedster1 March 16,am 4. Speedster1 March 17,pm 5.We have done hundreds of hours of research on every aspect of these units and, with great input from many great people, have navigated through the initial rough waters of getting a poorly made Chinese clone of a machine to run far beyond our expectations. The reason I reference this unit in that manner is that my first experience with a laser engraver was spent on my ULSE.

An American made, precision, workhorse that was built in Please make note of these observations and suggestions:. If that sounds fun to you then you will love it!

K40 Whisperer: Running Gcode

Put it up for safe keeping. Take the included exhaust fan and ductwork out of the machine and very carefully place it into the nearest trash receptacle. Then see the alternatives below. They are poorly designed and poorly wired.

Use a proper power source. More on that later. There are many options and we cover a cost-effective solution in this article. A well made, surge protected plug strip is highly recommended for the accessories, upgrades, and peripherals.

The main power for the laser engraver needs to be a dedicated outlet with a rating of at least 15 Amps. Most household outlets will suffice. We did, after checking the wiring to these outlets, decide to hardwire our air assist pump to the feed for one of the outlets since we mounted our pump inside the chassis. We are using a commercial aquarium pump that has a relatively low current draw.

That mod will be in another KB Article. There will be more information on the electrical system coming soon. It is not very robust so we are looking for a more suitable replacement. Distilled water should always be used as it is less electrically conductive than tap water.

You also need to be very careful of the additives you choose to address freezing and algae. There is a secret recipe and lots of other great info on coolants and additives HERE. And more on cooling systems HERE.

Often times there will be a large bubble at the top of the tube near the outlet. Any smoke, fumes, etc… generated by the lasing process is dangerous. Some materials will give off poisonous gasses and WILL kill you. These fumes can also corrode the metal and electrical connections of your machine.

k40 whisperer usb timeout

They will kill you and your machine. There are more materials that should not be lased. The exhaust system provided is not adequate and needs to be modified. The logic behind this method is simple. Even if there is a leak in the ductwork there is negative pressure vacuum all the way outside so the fumes and smoke will be evacuated.

If the fan is inside and the exhaust side duct leaks it will pump the smoke and fumes back into your work area. If you have the option to mount the fan outside I would do so. You may wish to screw it in place or add some self-stick weatherstripping around the perimeter of the mating surfaces for maximum performance we just slid ours in and the vacuum pulls it up tight.

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